Friday, July 18, 2014


Note: All items will be sent out tomorrow - 19/07/2014 (Saturday) but there will be a delay on Pos Laju side. Please call them up at 03-2263 2626 on Tuesday/Wednesay to check on your package. If you are able to collect it from the Pos Laju office at your area, please do so this time. Pos Laju is overloaded wt packages due to the coming Raya. When you have gotten your package, please inform me cause the tracking info might not be complete on their website.  Your help and understanding is greatly appreciated.

1) EF432425002MY - Rita R

2) EF334464615MY - Hartina W

3) EF334464598MY - Rokiah AR

4) EF334464584MY - Sharifah F

5) EF334464607MY - N Hasimah H

6) EF334464624MY - Wondersta (AK)

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