Special Order/Brands

Special Order

- If you wish to purchase from any online Stores in US, please use the Order Enquiry Form to email me the info. As long as you agree to the quote given, we can make the order for you. Please note: no bulky or extremely heavy items cause it won't be worth ordering due to the high postage charges by USPS International Express Mail.

Brands That I Sell

 Coach, Ralph Lauren, AX Armani Exchange, Cole Haan, Juicy Couture, Marc By Marc Jacobs, Baby Phats, Guess, Furla plus many more and some other higher end brands like Gucci and Prada as and when my supplier gets a good discount for it.

For Coach Items

- If you wish to purchase any Coach items, please email me for a quote. Please give me the style number and price in USD if it's from the Coach website or the date and name of the bag you saw listed on my blog. Anything you see on the Coach website, I'll be able to get it for you as long as it is available at the Stores. You can check the bags on their website at :- www.coach.com.

- All Coach handbags from the Boutique will come with a Dust Bag. Gift Receipt will be given as and when we get it from the store. If we don't get it from the store, no gift receipt will be given.

- No dust bag for Coach Wristlets, Pouches and Swing Packs. Gift Receipt will be given as and when we get it from the store. If we don't get it from the store, no gift receipt will be given.

- No Coach boxes or paperbags will be given

- All Coach items are purchased either from the Malls/Outlets or Coach Boutiques in US.

- If you are not too keen on an outlet bag, please do not make any purchases when I list them here on my blog.

- Most Coach handbags from the Coach Outlets will not come with a Dust Bag now. Please take note of this:- If the bag you ordered doesn't have a dust bag, that means the Coach store did not provide it.

- Bags that are purchased from the Outlets will sometimes come with a bullet marking on the Coach Creed. This are bags being transferred from their full price store and some will come with this marking. If you are not keen with a bullet marking bag, please don't make any purchase from my blog. A bullet marking bag is NOT a Final Sales item. I do not want to have an issue with a customer on this bullet marking cause this was NEVER an issue. It is just to show the bags were transferred from the full price retail store to the outlet and that is how we get the bags at a discounted price.

- If you wish to get a full warranty or service for your Bag or other items that I sell, please purchase from one of the Boutiques in KL and pay full price for it. All my bags are purchased from US/Europe. Please take note of this important info.

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