Hi Allure, this is my first online shopping experience and i must say it's an interesting one! received the bag and wallet yesterday and am really happy with both purchases! my hubby loved them too! esp the baby bag! so am also looking forward to welcome the baby and flaunt around with him in style with this bag! insyaAllah! thanks babe for being so helpful throughout our entire deal! insyaAllah would love to purchase more from you in future! :D

Nadia - Coach Baby Patent Bag - Style 16977 and Kate Spade Wallet (22/12/2011)

Sis, i just received the bag...i love the colour so much...Thanks a bunch!

Farrah Liyana from Australia - Coach Ashley Signature Sateen Satchel - style 15433 (18/10/2011)

Hi Allure, i have received the 5 items a few days ago.....thanks for your excellent service!

K Nisa - Coldwater Creek & Gap Apparels (15/10/2011)

Sis, i juz received it...nak menangis pun ada.sooo happy.:).......big thanx to u,best..superb,fast service........nice dealing wif u.!

Luv_Ma - Coach Mosaic Gallery Tote

Hi sis, got the bag this morning…..waaa….. I really like it….. will definitely buy from you again ……nice dealing with you sis……..tks for the free wristlet… love it toooo

Niza - Cole Haan Aerin Medium Zip Satchel with Free Coach Leather Wristlet


Hi Allure, i recv the bag.thanks so much..its so lovely...my hari raya will be awesome

Maria - Coach Legacy Stripe Tote


Hi Sis, suka nya ngan this bag... very roomy... like it.....and as expected la allure...best nya..hehe..thanks a lot ha......and also nice wristlet.. like it so much

Gals2 - Cole Haan Large Bucket Tote with free Coach Leather Wristlet

Sis, i have received the package today..tq very much..the ergo.... its really nice and my hubby loves it too ..............the pouch is so cute..im sure my daughter will love it......nice dealing with u sis..i'll be back for some more coach handbags!

Sis Jelitadangdut - Coach Medium Ergo Patchwork & Coach Multiprint Pouch


Hi Allure.....the bag looks great and feels great, thanks for everything, will definitely be getting more from you :D.

Karen - Cole Haan Crochet Leather Bag Duffle

Hi Allure...I just received it!!! ..........And have just worn it. Thanks so much! It is awesome. All the sizes are perfect, and already I can feel a difference with my posture. Very excited about the results of this! ...........Thank you so much for including the extra pamphlets and brochures. Very helpful indeed. I'm looking forward to purchasing the black strapless one after my 4 month period with the purple set. .........Thank you for such a great transaction. I am really looking forward to purchasing from you again.

Lucy - Customer from Australia - Elken Purple Set Lingerie


Hi sis, received my bag , this is my 3rd purchased from you, firstly i purchased Legacy Stripe Wrislet, then medium carly, 3 things i want to say, superb collection, reasonable price and superb quick reponse. !!!

Tunku Nor Azlin - Coach Legacy Stripe Tote, Coach Legacy Stripe Wristlet & Coach Medium Carly


Hi sis......Just received my carly this morning... Am speechless! Anyhow, thank you very much and hope to deal again with you sis!

Dee - Coach Signature Medium Carly


Hi Allure........Received my wallet this afternoon.. it's in good condition when i received it.. the box is soo cute.. :D didn't xpect to receive them today.. coz ptg tadi i baru je masuk ur blog & tengok wallet dah sampai.. so, i thought mesti sampai by next monday.. hehehe..anyway, thanks for ur good, best, fast services.....this won't be my last purchase from u.. hope to buy coach bags frm you in future.

Juliana MN - Coach Embossed Signature Passcard ID Wallet


Hi Allure... just wanted to thank u for the new addition to my coach collection. Absolutely love d slouchy shape of d bag .. I can tell it's going to be a firm favourite since it's so trendy & versatile......more than anything else i'd like to thank u for yr brilliant service ....... don't always associate peace of mind with the purchase online concept ......... but with u i can rest assured that not only is the item i'm buying reasonably-priced & authentic, but also that it wl reach my doorstep intact & within d stipulated time .. plus there's no hassle from customs to deal with whatsoever lol!!

Wan Laili - Coach Carly Medium Signature & Cole Haan Leather Triangle Tote


Hi Allure...i received my duffle just now...very nice colour...simple n rugged...too excited!!!..good dealing with you!!!

Mama Faiesz - Coach Medium Bleecker Leather Duffle


Sistaa.....the bag is so marvellous.....i cant describe it through words......u should have seen my face the moment i look at it lol.....for those that have doubt bout Allure's service and authenticity...shame on them :P

Wan Norhayalah - Coach Medium Ergo in Pebbled Leather & Coach Red Cardinal Swing Pack

Dear Allure......just received my coach, love it very much, thanks a lot.

Nisa - Coach Hampton Signature Hobo

hi allure.......received the bag ... so excited... haven't open the package but I can smell the leather... true enough the color is different......the size is perfect for my young girl (12yrs old). She just called me up asking about the swing pack...lol. Thank you for making her dream come true.. Will come back for more..thats for sure!!!

CTSara - Coach Bleecker Swing Pack


hi allure.......just to let you know, the swingpack arrived in perfect condition.... i love it very much!........ The beautiful prints and the lively colors, this swing pack is definitely going to be an eye-catcher!....... Nice dealing with you, looking forward to receiving my Carly....Thank you very much, you have made my day!!!

Mimi - Coach Multiprint Swing Pack


Hey Sis!..I've received the bag this morning.....10 times nicer............Thank you so much!!!

Faith - Coach Legacy Stripe Tote & Coach Legacy Stripe Wristlet


Hi Allure!..I've just received my patchwork wristlet..So fast...yeay!!..... I love it.....this is my2nd time dealing with u and it wont be the last......EXCELLENT service and assistance

Ariba M - Coach Legacy Hampton Patchwork Wristlet/Coach Signature Shoes


Hey Sis!..got the bleeker leather swingpack this morning.......gosh!!! i never imagined dat the swingpack could be this nice..........i love the size, the design..., simple but looks exclusive sgt, and the smell..........i luv it, i just luv the swingpack.....thanks again!!!!! ..

Btho - Coach Bleecker Leather Swing Pack


Hey Sis! I've received the wristlet.... so happy!!!! It's bigger than the red cardinal.. and very roomy.. your service is very fast as well..and you really take gentle care of the postage and the item itself.. and it was wrapped with 2 layer of coach tissue paper!!! best..best!!!........love you sis..thanks a lot!!

Suhaini - Coach Large Hampton Patchwork Wristlet


Hi Allure, ......thank you so much........... Its really a nice bag... the leather is fine....... I love the lining inside of the bag......... So happy....... the moment I got it from my boy I've been smiling non stop lol :)

CTSara -Coach Medium Ergo Tote


Hi Allure....Received the tote bag & wristlet early this morning... very very very beautiful.......You make me feel very happies today.. i love the leather smell & i enjoy dealing with you.....will come back for more ... thank you so much

Ivy - Coach Scarf Print Shoulder Bag & Optic Signature Wristlet


Hi Allure...... I received the Cole Haan orange bag in order, couldn't wait to try it even though I was busy working in the office ( was in the midst of a meeting )........ It's my first Cole Haan and I never expected it to be such an awesome, roomy and gorgeous bag with that soft leather , bright and nice color.......... Oohhhhh, just can't explain it in full.....you'll have to buy and feel it for yourself........ Last but not least, it's my first and unforgettable purchase from your blog.........Thanks Allure, for bringing in such Authentic bags and looking forward for more to come .......... You know, ever since I started visiting your blog , it is now my routine work to log on to your blog every morning and whenever I am free to admire and enjoy all your other bags............. Well, that's all for the time being and many thanks

Mary -Cole Haan Medium Zip Hobo


Hi Allure....just to let u know that I've received the shoes today...love it!!!......thanks!

Isma - Etienne Aigner Audra Shoes


Hi Allure, ......I've got the bag already...really nice...worth buying. Thanks

Aida Munira -Coach Medium Ergo Tote

Hey Allure.....got the tote and wristlet earlier today!..........thanks!........ they're gorgeous

Erna - Coach Legacy Stripe Tote & Coach Optic Large Wristlet


Hi Allure.....I received my Sari Sandal already. Its really nice, great leather and very comfortable and I made a right choice of color and size. .......Thank you for your patience and kind assistance.

Baby Bear - Coach Sari Sandals


Hi Allure....just received the bag this morning...like it very much...thanks!

Joey - Cole Haan Lunch Tote


Hey Allure.....received my legacy flap this a.m. So delighted to receive it as I have been aiming it for such a long time and glad that I managed to grab it at a value buy. I wud say it is worth waiting for! I will definitely keep coming back to yr store for more coaches or others. ......Once again, thanx for yr excellent service.

White Dhahlia - Coach Legacy Flap Handbag

Hey Allure.....The package arrived ....... the carly is stunning! The smell of the leather is very luxurious! ...........Thanks for the arrangements!

Julie - Coach Medium Carly in Signature and Coach Medium Carly in Leather


Hey Allure..........Received my shoes yesterday. Wow, really cute sis. My sisters like them too. I wore them this morning, a bit stiff at the side but i'm sure it'll soften in time. The sole is no doubt comfy. Thanks again Allure for getting them for me. For sure i'll be getting some more from you..... Will be keeping in touch. Thanks again.

DK Rosni - Coach Melisa Loafers


Luv u Allure...Firstly, I purchased a Bleecker Top Handle Pouch...Secondly, a Pink Duffle Large Mini Signature Wristlet. Then a Legacy Leather Wristlet In Whiskey & for my friends Red Cardinal Mini Signature Large Wristlet. My frens thanked u & she really luv it. Unexpectedly, the wristlet is so gorgeous, superb & nice in red chili color...above expectation & the whiskey smells cows.. hehehe...p Nice dealing with u again & again! Will recommend to my other frens...Mmmuuahhh.... :)

Ally - Coach Bleecker Top Handle Pouch, Pink Duffle Mini Signature Wristlet & Legacy Leather Wristlet


Hi, Allure! ................thank you very much......... I've received the wristlet this morning......very fast!.........Sure will deal again!..........thanks

Rozana - Coach Holiday Patchwork Wrislet

 Hey Allure.....Yup.. I love it! It's exactly what I want, pocket in front to stuff my things...can't wait for my wristlet

Fazleen - Coach Legacy Signature Shoulder Handbag


I'm very happy today ...........coz i am carrying my small hobo to the office today.........So, i would like to put my testimonial on ur blog so that a lot more buyers will come to u ;).......Thanks for the beautiful bag...Can't help myself from staring at it coz it's so stunning & gorgeous!! Hehee..;) U r such a reliable & trustworhty seller...i surely will deal again with u sis!

Fadhlillah - Coach Blecker top handle pouch & hampton signature small hobo


Hi Allure..just received my lovely Small Hampton Hobo…since I’m in the office ..all my colleague congratulated me.....The leather smell is wow!!……Thank you very much sis..will definitely come back to you!!!

Fadzilan Pardani - Coach Hampton Small Hobo

The bag is really nice and you’re right, it looks better in real and now really sayang to use it. I cannot hide the bag from my husband anymore. Surprisingly, he likes the bag too compared to the ones he bought for me earlier on my birthday

Mona- Coach Fall Carly Patchwork


She got me into LV and i got her into Coach......i guess you ladies should know who I am talking about........the one and only Sis Pink!!!.........if you have doubts about my items........have a chat with her hehehehe!!!

Sis Pink - Coach Perfume Wristlet, Weekend Patchwork Semi Satchel, Khaki/Ebony Ali Legacy Shoulder Handbag, Camel Suede Large Carly, Legacy Stripe Tote, Black Leather Large Ergo Tote, Carly Demi in Signature Denim, Pink Ergo Keyfob, Legacy Ponytail Scarf, Khaki/Gold Legacy Shoulder Handbag, Oxford Legacy Stripe Pouch, Khaki/Brown Mini Signature Wristlet, Watercolor Wristlet, Letter 'G' Keyfob, Ali Legacy Leather Wristlet in Camel, Bleeckers Leather Patchwork Top Handle Pouch, Cardinal Red Mini Signature Wristlet, Khaki/Beet Signature Medium Carly, Legacy Stripe Top Handle Pouch, Pink Duffle Large Mini Signature Wristlet, Khaki/White Signature Slim Tote, Khaki/Mahogany Signature Swingpack, Cardinal Red Large Mini Signature Hobo Bag, ANOTHER Watercolor Wristlet, White Leather Ali Legacy Shoulder Handbag, Embossed Wallet for her hubby, Pebbled Ergo Tote in Natural and the list continues...........Gucci Signature Hobo, Cole Haan Large Camel Satchel, Cole Haan Small Bucket Tote, Cole Haan Card/Key Case :D


Hi Allure....I received my bags today and what can I say.....the bleeckers looks magnificent in real, rich leather aroma with a very neat detailed stitching. It's really one of a kind...and in limited edition. I'm so honoured and deffinitely proud to own it sis. The legacy pouch is another limited edition piece.....so cute, sweet and colourful...a legacy that I can later pass on to my princess (she's already claiming that it's her bag..and she's only 3..!!!). These r my best purchase so far.....am happy to know that I can own authentitic bags in really great price. You are the best sis....looking forward for my next purchase (infact I'm already eyeing one now he he). God bless you.

Nora - Coach Limited Edition Bleecker Top Handle Pouch/Legacy Oxford Pouch


Hi Allure........i've received my wristlet today,just a few hours ago... :) thank u! thank u! thank u! it is so beautiful! better than then picture... i'll definately buy the coach bags with u again.. sukaaaaaaaa sangat ni... can't wait for my next item to arrive... nice doing bussiness with u

Mazlina - Coach Large Signature Wristlet and just ordered a Coach Signature Swing Pack


Hi Sis!! ......Got it! Thanks.. Fabulous addition to my Coach collections

Coach Clutch Kiss Leather Wristlet/Small Chelsea Flap Hobo


Hi Sis Allure.....1st of all ......thank you so much for your patience accommodating to my requests...honestly the only reason buying coach bags from you is the comfort...and the luxury...of doing nothing but..just by typing some notes back&forth..and all I need is just IE connection....and you received the $$$ as early as few hours later.....All the bags are in good conditions....no complains!!...MR F said all my bags are awesome & gorgeous.....It's been a huge pleasure shopping @Allureblogdrive....Good news....I definitely will continue to support ......and of course...the friendship that we both built.....thats the KEY...& very IMPORTANT to me!!!!

Ratu - Coach Ali Leather/Legacy Stripe Tote/Black Medium Ergo Tote/Legacy Signature Cotton Shoulder Bag


Hi Allure....first of all..welcome back here! :) hope u enjoyed ur vacation..btw, just to let u know that i received the pink sandal keyfob safely here ya..thanks a lot dear.

Madame - Coach Pink Sandal Keyfob/Apple embossed Keyfob/Ergo Pink Keyfob/Scarf Print Wristlet and Ergo Turquoise Keyfob for her friend

 Hi Allure....just to let u know that I've received the wristlet...thanks!

Joey - Coach Large Watercolour Wristlet


Hi Allure...I just want to say thank you. I recieved the watercolour wristlet on Friday, the colours are really sweet. So thank you once again.

Umi - Coach Large Watercolour Wristlet


Hi Allure...welcome back! hope you had a good vacation......Firstly, I have received the watercolor wristlet in good condition......Many thanks...it is lovely!!!

WhiteDhahlia on her second purchased - Coach Large Watercolour Wristlet


Hi Allure.......Both Nisa and my sis have safely received their wristlets. Nice doing business with you. Will come back for more in future......Thanks!!

Noraini - 2 Coach Large Black Leather Wristlets for her sister and friend


Hi Everyone......i bought a scarf, a suede handbag that i adore every minute and an oxford legacy pouch for my daughter within a month just from allure..........thanks to her for all the wonderful items and the wonderful service......Allure....... i'll be coming back to you for more coach bags.

Btho - Coach Scribble Print, Coach Legacy Embossed Suede Handbag, Legacy Oxford Pouch


Hi Allure......Didn't regret going to KL to self collect my Coach pouch.......so beautiful or we say so "cun" :D

Prettymum on her fourth purchased - Coach Legacy Oxford Pouch


Hi Allure, Yeah!!!.....i received the scarf safe and sound!! Can use it for tomorrow's Raya open house.....thanks...will be in contact with u again in due course for more purchases.

Lily Yati - Coach Sribble Print Scarf in Pink

 Hi Allure, this bag is a 'wahooooooo' i love it, roomy with so many possibilities... and i agree with what you said, the brown leather strap is beautiful and tote is gorgeous.. once again, thanks for your super fast shipping plus your excellent service.

Hane on her fifth and sixth purchased - Coach Sig Denim Tote with Stripe/Coach frame keychain


Hi Allure, I received the parcel safely today.....the pouch is gorgeous and i really like it.........nice dealing with you and i will come back to you on a second purchase!

Noor - Coach Legacy Oxford Pouch


Hi Allure, I received the parcel today .........thank you so much....... I really love it!!

Zulaina - Coach Carly Demi in Khaki/Gold


Hi Allure, Received my EA and 2 Coaches .........couldnt decide which one to use first.. Love them all.........Tq..Lookin forward to more!!

Prettymum - EA Tote/Coach Large Hobo Patchwork/Coach Large Carly


Hi Allure, thanks ya...lovely bag.......we love it very much.....now looking for a smaller one & mr ajai's wallet.

Mr. & MrsAjai (Lovely Couple with 2 beautiful daughters) - Coach Medium Carly


Hi sis, Thanks very much for your gift ya. I love it. And my ergo tote is really lovely, i'm absolutely happy with it. Rest assured allure, i will come back for more, i like your friendly and fuss free service!!! This raya will be very happening for me - 4 new Coach bags (3 from u, 1 from my friend who just got back from US) & 1 pair of Coach stripe ballet flats (to match with that Legacy Stripe i got from u!! ha..ha...)

Aishah on her third purchased - Coach Black Medium Leather Ergo


hi Allure, i received the bag.....beautiful!!!.....luv it.......thanks.

WhiteDhahlia - Coach Multicolour Shoulder Handbag


hi Allure, i received the bag.....my mum luvs it.......thanks

Feena - Coach Signature Tote


My curiosity got the best of me when I first visited Allure's blog. I instantly fell in love with the bags so many times.....Ali, Chelsea, Hampton....you name it. The reason I keep coming back to purchase from Allure is because of her enthusiasm and charm. She has the eye to pick and post the bags that appeals to me. Also I like the fuss free buy and pay and then arriving at the doorstep service. Finally, I would say I trust Allure and value her friendship though we did meet in the context of a customer-seller relationship.

SF aka Sleepy Fish - Coach Swingpack/Straw Tote/Canvas Legacy Flap/Stripe Carryall/Leather Ergo Hobo/Vintage Leather Ergo Tote/Carly Canvas/Chelsea Hobo in Gunmetal


hi sis, i dah received the bag safely ya, sorry it took so long to inform u...had a very happening weekend, tu yang terlupa. I have worn my stripe tote. As usual, i love the stripe tote, it's the Coach bag that i have been waiting for since last year and u have made my dreams come true ha...ha....ha thanks once again, will surely buy from u again.

Aishah on her second purchased - Coach Legacy Stripe Tote


This is my third Coach purchased from Allure. The one before this was a Legacy wristlet. I would have to say that I'm very happy with her fast service and good PR. I have introduced this blog to a couple of bag lovers like me and will definitely buy from her again! Thanks and regards,

Fairy Girl - Coach Leather Hobo/Legacy Wristlet/Ali Signature


Hello allure, Thanks a lot for the bag, I finally have had a chance to hold it in my hands. Absolutely gorgeous, thanks so much! =) It's really more spacious than it looks in the picture which I'm truly grateful for! I love spacious bags. Can't wait to carry it around. Thanks for such a pleasant business and great communication. Won't hesitate buying from you again! =)

Naz - Coach Hobo Scarf Print


Hai Allure :) i just wanted to share my joy over my Coach loots.. so happy with you and your Coach items.. when i first purchased my Coach from you, i just had to take a thorough measurement to look on my handbag, i just needed to check the stitching, if its sloppy or what.. i took a look on every inch of the bag.. because i know Coach does not deliver aunthentic bags with poor stitching... stitching that is off line or overlapping is a poor example of immitations, rite ;) .. but i dont see it (thank God!) so Allure, thanks to you for bringing in such affordable prices for an authentic piece.. and mostly a pleasure to deal with you.. thanks woman.. Best regards

Hane - Coach Mini Sig Hobo/Swing Pack/Pouch and Wristlet


Hi Allure... got the package today...love it... :) thank you very much.

Nora - Coach Patchwork Pouch


Hi Allure... love my scarf tote very much....nice dealing with you.

Naja - Coach Scarf Print Tote


Hi Allure... i've received the parcel! Thanks so much!!! its as nice as what i imagined :) now i can go lunch at klcc while parading my wristlet! no more purse to carry :)

Ija - Coach White Ergo Wristlet


Hi Allure... Thanks again Allure..........now you know why I picked the blue optic and flap handbag is just beautiful, I luv both very much.

Lin's Mum Aunt Noraini - Coach Blue Optic Duffle/Brown Flap Handbag/Khaki Shoulder Handbag


Love the bag Allure, i'm gonna be broke buying from u ha..ha.. i just love the online concept, ease of payment and all, genuine coach handbags directly to my doorstep......what could be better???..... will buy from u again!!

Aishah - Coach Carly Patchwork in Denim Handbag


I am sooooo in love with all of my bags! Even my dad said that it was all good purchases. Can't wait to make another purchase....slightly poorer I may be but happier indeed.....Thanks Allure

Elya - Coach Large Weekend Hampton Tote/Braided Soho Handbag/Etienne Aigner Canvas & Leather Tote


Sis Dearie.....My mum loved it so much......This tote is so roomy and can stuff in a lot of things.....She said it looks classic and stylish......Thanks a lot ya....Nice dealing with u!!!

Ceemerah - Coach XL Ergo Leather Tote


Hi Allure...I received all the bags today......I am so happy....Thank you very much.

Ervina - EA Canvas in Black & Brown/Coach Medium Carly/Tommy Hilfiger Corduroy Tote
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